Monday, July 7, 2014

Live Podcast with Smarter Team Training and Dr. Myer

When it comes to injury prevention and specifically preventing anterior cruciate ligament injuries, education is vital.  It is the premise that we have built this blog around.  A.C.L., LLC is devoted to providing you with the latest in peer reviewed literature and research and how we can use this knowledge to improve what we are doing.  Applying the sciences we know today to what we do today is key to providing better outcomes (reduced injuries) while at the same time improving athletic performance.

One of the leaders in this area of research is Dr. Greg Myer.  He has published over 180 peer reviewed papers and multiple chapters in the area of biomechanics and ACL injuries.  He also has a strong exercise and lifting background which leads to a very unique perspective and approach with his research.  Recently, Dr. Myer was interviewed by Robert Taylor, SCCC, CSCS*D, CCS, PES, CES, CSES, NSCA-CPT*D, NSPA-CPT from Smarter Team Training.  This is truly a must for anyone with an interest in this area and is why we are re-posting this interview here. 

We hope you enjoy and find this interview worth the time.!/user/smarterteamtraining/dr-greg-myer-a-stt-exclusive

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