Monday, September 2, 2013

Instructional Video I - Dynamic Lunge

Throughout the course of our blogging, we have published numerous articles on injury prevention and performance enhancement.  We provide this as a free service and as a way of meeting our greater mission and calling. 

At A.C.L., LLC we are uncompromisingly driven by our mission to profoundly reduce injuries and dramatically improve performance in athletics using the most technologically advanced, research based movement assessment techniques and interventions.
We choose to use this blogging medium as a way of meeting part of that greater calling and goal.  As such, your feedback has been great, much appreciated and instrumental in our ability to provide quality education.  All of the blogs have a common theme and have been focused on Dynamic Control and Endurance of the Lower Kinetic Chain and how improvements in these areas can reduce the risk for injury and improve performance.  Several programs exist today that address prevention including the one we have developed called the Dynamic Movement Assessment.  We believe they all have their merits and all have great attributes. 

We feel the major difference of the Dynamic Movement Assessment  is that it is a methodology.  Not just an assessment but a methodology on how you approach human movement.  Starting with the Dynamic Movement Assessment to assess movement to how you interpret the results you get, how you use that to determine root cause of the issue which then drives the interventions you will develop to drive injury prevention and performance enhancement.   

The key is the concepts that are carried over from the assessment to the interventions that are applied.  To illustrate this point and as requested by several, we are including one of our instructional videos in today's blog for your review.  Although simplistic, it is the concepts taught behind it that truly drive improvement in performance and reduce risk for injuries.  We hope you enjoy and continue to provide us feedback on our blog.

Video: Dynamic Lunge Anterior View

Training Impact: This is a stretch helps to increase lower extremity flexibility while working on proprioception of the entire lower kinetic chain and strength and flexibility.

Key Notes: Technique is everything with this exercise.  Allowing bad motor patterns to continue with this exercise will mean poor motor patterns with daily activities, sports and performance.  If the athlete is unable to perform without proper mechanics, then stepping back the exercise is vital to development of proper motor patterns which will then be carried over to athletic activity.

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