Monday, April 17, 2017

Exercises to Eliminate Pathokinematics - Part XI

To close out this series, we are going to include a final series of exercises we include to push efficiency throughout the system with focus on the lower kinetic chain.

Core - as mentioned throughout the history of this blog, we have provided numerous research articles highlighting the importance of the core for both mitigating risk of injury and improvement of athletic performance.  Included here are two key core exercises we use that we find have the largest impact on lower kinetic chain movement.

Plank Crawl - this video demonstrates the plank crawl which is done with the CLX band and the stability trainer.  This not only brings in a tremendous amount of core but also activates the Gmed in the transition phases of this exercise.

Side Plank with CLX Gmed Activation - this exercises is extremely difficult and is great at activating the core as well as the GMed.  This is a more advanced exercise and is done with the CLX. 


In addition to increasing activation of the core, we also want to increase activation of the Gmed.  The following exercises are a progression series that can be done to increase activation of the Gmed with the use of the CLX.

Gmed Series Level III

GMed Series Level IV

Dr. Nessler is a practicing physical therapist with over 17 years sports medicine clinical experience and a nationally recognized expert in the area of athletic movement assessment.  He is the developer of an athletic biomechanical analysis and author of a college textbook on this subject.  He serves as the National Director of Sports Medicine for Physiotherapy Associates, is Chairman of Medical Services for the International Obstacle Racing Federation and associate editor of the International Journal of Athletic Therapy and Training. 

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