Monday, January 23, 2017

Innovations in Movement - Blending Movement Science with Technology - Part IV

Last week, we started to investigate technologies that we could incorporate into treatment that would aid us in leveraging the latest in movement science with latest in movement technology.  This included looking at it from four destinct perspectives.
  • 2D video
  • Biofeedback
  • Resistance bands & product innovations
  • Tracking & compliance
Last week, we looked at 2D products that could be used in treatment as well as those that could be used for biofeedback.  Today, we will start our discussion by looking at product innovations.

Product Innovations

There has been quite a bit in the advancement of products that we use to treat movement dysfunction.  There is a plethora of these items available on the market and this list is not all inclusive but only includes the ones we are the most familiar with.  It goes without saying that there may be better products out there but these are just some of the ones that we have had experience with.

  • CLX - cross linked Therabands is the newest innnovation by Theraband (Performance Health, Inc).  The product we all know so well has gotten even that much better.   With the advent of the CLX, we are now able to cross link the entire closed kinetic chain to improve recruitment of the entire lower kinetic chain during functional exercises.  One technique developed is the "Spiral Technique" which increases Gmed recruitment during single limb performance.  Although this is a great adjunct to single limb training, it is also a great tool to add to our core training to aid in recruitment of the entire lower kinetic chain and core.  For more on the spiral technique, you can access the Spiral Technique Video or for information on the core training, you can access the Core Training Video.
You can also access the Theraband website for additional videos on some creative CLX exercises.  Below is one example of an exercise using the CLX that works on recruitment of the lower kinetic chain.

  • DS2 Platform - the DS2 Platform was developed by a Roland Rameriz, PT, ATC, SCS who is a physical therapist and athletic trainer in the NFL.  Roland developed this as a closed kinetic training tool for his athletes rehabilitating from injury as well as those looking to do some closed kinetic chain functional training.  The DS2 is a great tool for progressing single limb closed kinetic chain exercises and is also a great tool for progressing of core training exercises.  There are also some great videos in which Roland demonstrates the use of the DS2 for lower body training.

In this video, Roland demonstrates the use of the DS2 with lower body training and for the use with the core.  For more videos and techniques, you can visit his website at the link above.

  • Primal 7 - was initially developed by Brian DeMarco an NFL player who suffered a devastating career ending injury.  After being unable to move independently, let alone train, Brian came up with a way to start training (squats) with the use of some straps and bands.  Low and behold, the prototype for Primal 7 was developed.  Since then, Primal 7 has developed into an affordable suspension training system that allows athletes and non-athletes to start training movement in weight bearing reduced environment.  With the bands, you can modify how much body weight the athlete must resist so that you can gradually increase resistance as movement is perfected.  
In the following video, Brian talks you through the use of the Primal 7 and how this system can be used to help your athletes move better.

  • Hyperice Vyper Roller - the Hyperice Vper Roller provides deep vibration in combination with a roller.  When dealing with myofascial restrictions throughout the lower kinetic chain or muscle soreness, we have found this to be another valuable tool to assist us in achieving our goals, improved outcomes and an additional tool that our athletes enjoy using and "feel" a physical benefit from using.
In this video, the founder and developer of the Hyperice Vyper Roller shows what makes this product unique over your traditional roller.

  • RMT Club - this is another fairly new fitness product on the market that allows us to address movement in a way which increases the core recruitment while creating high levels of activation of the lower kinetic chain.
In this video, the author demonstrates the use of the RMT club for increased core activation.

This is by no means an all inclusive list but just a list of the ones we have had the most experience with.  We hope you found this helpful and next week, we will be discussing some movement technologies we can use to improve compliance with the programs we recommend.  

Dr. Nessler is a practicing physical therapist with over 17 years sports medicine clinical experience and a nationally recognized expert in the area of athletic movement assessment.  He is the developer of an athletic biomechanical analysis, is an author of a college textbook on this subject  and has performed >3000 athletic movement assessments.  He serves as the National Director of Sports Medicine Innovation for Select Medical, is Chairman of Medical Services for the International Obstacle Racing Federation and associate editor of the International Journal of Athletic Therapy and Training. 

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