Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Using Movement Assessment to Drive Performance and Reduce Injuries - Live Webinar

Free Live Webinar
A.C.L., LLC and Dartfish have partnered to offer a free live webinar.  This free webinar was a one hour presentation on using movement assessment in athletics to prevent injuries and drive athletic performance.  We had over 409 people attendance for this review of the literature and presentation on use of the Dynamic Movement Assessment in athletics.  Whether you are an athlete, coach, parent, athletic trainer, physical therapist or physician, we think you will find this presentation informative and amazed by the movement you see in videos of the athletes presented in our case presentations. 
At A.C.L., LLC we are driven by our mission statement.
A.C.L., LLC Mission Statement
A.C.L., LLC is uncompromisingly driven by our mission to profoundly reduce injuries and dramatically improve performance in athletics using the most technologically advanced, research based movement assessment techniques and interventions.
To profoundly impact injuries, you must provide current, valid and research based education.  As such, we will be making this available to all for a limited time at Move to Improve.  We hope you find this informative and educational.  If we simply prevent one injury and help others achieve their performance goals, then we are moving our vision forward.

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